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Nigus International Investment Limited is a Nigerian company, incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on May 23rd 2001
As a company, we are driven by innovation and ingenuity. We believe that we must never settle with what we have and always look to evolve any idea or technology we possess to suit the African problem and African condition.
Principally, we believe that embracing tomorrow’s technology allows us to avoid unnecessary legacy investments and often antiquated infrastructural projects, this allows us to deliver state-ofthe-art solutions in Africa.
We endeavor to implement this technology leading approach, as our primary influence in providing solution along the value chain in all that we do as a company.


What we do and why we are successfull

As a technology driven solutions provider, our research and development teams are constantly attending events and fora on technology and innovation in all areas of interest. This enables us to keep up to date with cutting edge technology and more importantly, this empowers us to anticipate how such technology would affect the lives of over 1 billion people on the continent of Africa.
Nigus prides itself in always achieving a deep and thorough understanding of project fundamentals as we embark on any of our investments or solutions offerings. In the multiple disciplines we participate in, we know that our thorough due diligence on all projects and predicting how to unwind possible regulatory obstacles, are well thought through and anticipated, so that we have a clear path to success.
As a proudly Nigerian and African entity, we are resolute not to lose focus on the goals we want to achieve and how we must always provide the best investment climate and returns for our partner investors and companies. We are well aware that we must not lose focus on the fact that we want to do our part in contributing to the development of Nigeria and doing our level best in uplifting the image of Africa and Africans on the global stage.


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