With a long standing track record of more than 20 years in the industry we are a pioneer and senior professional in the space of renewable energy solutions. bicenergy does plan, develop and install energy projects on a global scale as well as manufacture German engineered solar and energy storage solutions. In the past we developed over 7.5GW of solar PV capacity and actively installed approximately 1GW. Our professional team is a sample of the longest-running EPC and development providers in the industry.
We do create best in class innovative technology that support energy self consumption and storage. Our cubes are fully mobile and therefore offer maximum flexibility. Engineered and produced in Germany we guarantee highest quality, reliability, trust and longest life cycles. We do match the requirements of today and tomorrow and provide innovative and unique solutions to the markets. bicenergy core focus is the customers need the cubes can be all tailor-made for individual demands.

The Hybrid Power made in Germany
Our cubes are hybrid power products that are made for the residential market as well as business of all kind. They are able to provide intelligent energy system that can either be connected to the grid or in the case of a power breakdown can be empowered with self produced solar energy.
The cubes is also able to empower multiple consumers that do not have access to a power supply system via an intelligent energy system that is supported by solar energy. Nighttime produced energy is provided through a battery storage system that is based on consumer demand.