High tech farms

HTF is an indigenous, commercial agribusiness company incorporated on December 14th 2011, by Major General S.D Aliyu for the purpose of farming, food processing and consultancy. It is located in the border town between Kaduna and Niger state as it has some portions in Tafa Kaduna state and extends to sabon-Wuse in Niger State. HTF provides the most up to date products, services and advice to its clients, along our network of quality suppliers, reliable logistics providers and dedicated staff, we are able to provide our customers with the latest solutions, advice, matched with quality and affordable products when and wherever required. Been a locally owned business we understand and are in touch with our community, working alongside our clients to meet the challenges posed by environmental and economic factors in order to deliver the best outcome for their business. We take pride in supporting the community who supports us.

Vision To become a leading investor in the agriculture sector by forming beneficial and profitable partnership with small holder farmers and other key stakeholders in Nigeria.

Mission To produce quality agricultural products using improved production, value addition and marketing innovations for multiple benefits.

Company Objectives
♦ To use improved crop and livestock production technologies and innovative marketing techniques for maximum enterprise profitability
♦ To grow the country’s GDP and sustainably engage people in self employment drive
♦ To process and market quality crops and livestock produce
♦ To focus mutually beneficial partnerships with individual farmers local and foreign investors, farmer group and associates.
♦ To positively impact the Nigerian macroeconomic environment

The company’s current business focus
♦ Greenhouse and vegetable industry
♦ Poultry production and processing industry
♦ Beef production and processing industry
♦ Aquaculture Industry
♦ Feed Milling