Nigus Food Specialties puts an emphasis on food security projects in the ECOWAS region. Our core aim is in the provision of sustainable sustenance to this African sub-region and beyond. However, we also pivot into the development of off-take strategies for medium and large scale farming interests. Our international investors also like to participate in developing Win-Win creative investments into farms. These ventures allow for foreign entities to invest heavily into farming concerns, so that they can assure themselves of a pipeline of good quality produce, that will be acceptable to their various economies. NIGUS FOODS presently has a joint venture relationship with Seboré farms. Seboré is situated on an Export Processing Zone, registered with NEPZA and is located in Adamawa state. At Seboré farms we raise livestock for a cutting edge meat processing factory in the final stages of completion on the property. This facility will be able to slaughter, package and export 4000 head of cattle per week. The farm sits on 16,000 hectares of land and also has an active 1500 head dairy facility and exports Mango from 70,000 areas on the farm and 5,000,000 cubes meters of water in reservoirs. We are looking to develop this venture into one of West Africa’s leading food export facilities.